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  • Start a new business in a new Jurisdiction.
  • Register a company, open a bank account, and do business in Europe.
  • European jurisdictions – an opportunity to grow in a healthy economic environment.
  • Bank Account with direct payments in British Pound and Euro, an individual IBAN account and the best exchange rates for 19 currencies through SEPA/SWIFT. POS, MasterCard, and Internet Banking included.
  • Your company will be able to receive and send funds worldwide.

Other Services & Products:

  • Market making Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Current bank account for serial and regulated gold bank bullion transactions.
  • USA H.Y.I.P. High Yield Investment Program
  • International brokerage bank accounts and Bitcoin.
  • Financial licenses and Cryptocurrency.
  • Bank Guarantees and Letter of Credits.
  • E-Commerce licenses and websites
  • New York companies forms with 10 million of shares value authorized as capital by the U.S. Ministry of Finance included in the package.
  • Corporate Treasury & Securities
  • Trade Finance & E-Commerce
  • Program Paymaster for Funds distribution
  • Establishment of Investment Funds
  • Recapitalizations & Structured Funding’s
  • Onshore & Offshore Companies and Bank Accounts
  • S.E.C. Security and Exchange Commission New York for the Securitization of the Debt portfolio



Email:  pacfincorp@adftrust.com 

Mobile: +357 9961 7969

Skype: andreas.hadjoudes2